Best Time to Buy New Home Furniture

When is the best time to buy new furniture? It’s actually right now, after the holidays and into the first several weeks of the new year. The period ranging from the first week in January through the very first part of February is the best time to buy new furniture, according to Consumer Reports and ABC 5 News in Boston. If you don’t buy furniture during this time of year, you’ll have to wait until July. You might think bargains for new furniture are available just because holiday sales have ended, but, there’s actually other factors in-play.

Best Time to Buy New Home Furniture

Even though we associate new furniture deals and sales with the summer months and retailers do offer some bargains in the run up to the holidays, now is the best time to furnish your living room, or even your bedroom. During the month of January, you can find discounts ranging from 30 to 60 percent, according to the National Retail Federation. The “floor” models are some of the largest bargains available, but, there are others, to be sure. Since a couch can easily cost $2,000, you could save $600 to $1,200.

“The cost of homeownership doesn’t stop at the mortgage – or even insurance, taxes, upkeep, utility bills and maintenance. Where you live would be little more than an empty storage locker if you didn’t outfit it will all the creature comforts that make a house a home – and that also costs money. You can, however, fill your flat with stuff you get at bargain prices, if you time your purchases to traditional sales periods. That doesn’t mean waiting until Black Friday. To the contrary, two studies, one by Decide Inc. and the Wall Street Journal, the other by, both reveal the year-end holiday season isn’t the only time bargains abound.” —Realty

So, why is now the best time of year to buy new home furniture? There are two primary reasons: space and timing. Retailers stock-up on inventory for the holidays but are left with plenty of items thereafter. All of that furniture takes up precious space and that means having to purge what’s on the showroom floor. Timing is also a factor because in February and again in August, new styles are sent to retailers. Before you rush out to the store, know what you need and why you need it by using these helpful furniture buying tips:

  • Measure your space. If there’s one thing interior decorators and professional home stagers know, it’s homeowners don’t always put a lot of thought into what will fit. It isn’t uncommon to buy a few pieces of furniture only to learn they are over- or under-sized. Take measurements of the entire room to know exactly how much space is available.
  • Think about who uses the space. The type of material, color, and even the depth, height, and width are all important. Think about who in your home uses the space the most and what types of materials are best suited.
  • Consider what the space is used for. The space’s use is important because it will definitely come into play. For instance, if you’re buying furniture for a family or bonus room without a television, two couches or a couch and loveseat with a chair might work best to allow people to sit and talk. If it doubles as a home office, a pullout will work well.
  • Take color and style into account before you buy. Of course, you want furniture that will complement the rest of the decor and look good in the room. It should be a good match for the aesthetics of the space.

In addition to these, ask about manufacturers’ warranties when you are looking at new furniture. You should know what is and what isn’t covered so you aren’t taken by surprise.