How to Declutter Your Bathroom for More Room

Simple bathroom decluttering can do a whole lot to improve the visual appeal and overall function of the space. In fact, you can often get more with less stuff. The right bathroom decluttering doesn’t compromise function and it boosts usability. The trick is to know what and where to make key changes. Regardless of its size, you can actually make it into a better performing space.

When Bath Remodeling is Right

A bath remodel is one of the best home improvement ROI projects. It takes a necessary space and updates it to a more modern look and feel. Trouble is, you have to know when it’s financially sound to do such a renovation. Time is a really big factor, of course. If you plan to stay in the home for at least three to five years, the cost is usually justifiable. But, if you’re looking to sell, it’s probably better to make inexpensive, cosmetic updates.

“Want to learn how to declutter your bathroom? We feel your pain. Despite often being the smallest room in the house, it is also one of the hardest to keep organized. If you’ve ever been late to work because you couldn’t find that new can of shaving cream you know must be stashed somewhere, you also understand that decluttering your bathroom could seriously change your life.” —

Also, you still must consider function. Sure, you might want a pedestal sink but how will that impact its resale potential. Most buyers will prefer a vanity so there’s more storage room. It’s simply a case of getting more use out of available space. Then, there are other choices, like replacing a bath with a tub-shower combination. Or, just going with a shower and no tub. The latter is more appealing to older adults and couples without children. But, young families will prefer a tub-shower combo.

Bathroom Decluttering Tips and Tricks

If you just want to make more out of the space, you can use a few bathroom decluttering tips to transform it into an organized room. Here’s the best strategies for bathroom decluttering so you can remake the space with minimal effort:

  • Go vertical. The walls are great for shelving of all kinds. you can also hang hooks and more to accommodate more things. Make good use of vertical space, rather than installing a bigger, wider vanity.
  • Use baskets. Baskets are ideal for bathrooms with closets and larger vanities. These are inexpensive and help you to get organized without breaking a sweat. Also, you can easily group like things together so they can be found in an instant.
  • Purge the junk. Your bathroom is probably full of junk. Old OTC medicines and prescriptions, free samples, makeup, and the list goes on and on. So, get rid of it and throw duplicates (and triplicates) out while you’re at it.
  • Throw out clutter. If you have things in your bathroom that don’t really have any purpose, those can go, too. For example, that foot bath. Sure, you like a good foot spa but never actually use it. If it’s taking up space and isn’t necessary, chuck it.
  • Downside fixtures. Another way to gain more space is to replace a large vanity with a smaller one. Doing so  will force you to purge and only keep what’s absolutely necessary. And, it’s a great way to give the bathroom a new look.

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