Easy Water Conservation Home Improvement Upgrades

We’ve looked at some great DIY budget-friendly home improvements and now, we’re focusing on reducing utility costs with easy water conservation upgrades. This is important because homeowners use a lot of water. Across the country, 5 billion gallons of water are used each and every day. That’s approximately 35 billion per week and an astounding 1 trillion, 820 billion gallons annually. Just the average American family of four alone uses between 320 and 400 gallons of water per day, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Easy Water Conservation Home Improvement Upgrades

When you first move into a home, there are things you need to do right away. Among them are changing the locks, testing the appliances, learning to work all the gadget in the house, testing the smoke detectors, and scheduling a home energy audit. Even if you’ve lived in a home for a while, you ought to seriously consider upgrading water components. After all, showers alone account for 17 to 20 percent of all home water use.

“There are many low hassle water conservation strategies you can employ to reduce your home’s water consumption. Whether you want to save money on utility bills or sustain natural resources, here are the simplest measures for major water savings.” —Curbed.com

But showers alone aren’t the only way you use a whole lot of water. Dishes, laundry, pets, lawn care, and even drinking water yourself are regular uses. Then, there’s other chores, like washing cars, toilet use, the list goes on and on. You’ve probably been without running water before, due to a leak or another problem. And, you were likely remarkably surprised by just how often you turn on a faucet. It’s something we all do without even thinking about it. That is, until it doesn’t work, for one reason or another. To save money every month on your utility costs, you can use the following easy water conservation home improvement upgrades:

  • Replace each shower head. Remember that statistic showers make up 17 to 20 percent of all residential water use? That equals approximately 30 gallons each day, according to the Water Research Foundation. To reduce this large consumption, you can easily replace those old shower heads with new, more efficient ones. It only takes a short time to remove the old shower heads and install new fixtures.
  • Replace the kitchen and bath faucets. While showers account for 17 to 20 percent of home water use, kitchen and bath faucet use averages almost the same, about 19 percent. If your kitchen and bath faucets are old, chances are excellent they conform to the old standard of 3 to 7 gallons of water per minute. The new federal requirement limits faucets to 2.2 gallons per minute, which will provide significant monthly savings.
  • Upgrade your major home appliances. Think about how many major appliances don’t use water. The stove and clothes dryer are probably the first that come to mind. Now, think about how many appliances do use water. The list is twice as long: the dishwasher, clothes washer, refrigerator, and water heater. If your appliances are seven to ten years old or older, they should be replaced for energy and water efficient models.
  • Use an irrigation timer and water wisely. Unfortunately, too many homeowners do not use their lawn irrigation system correctly. Here in Orlando and throughout central Florida, lawns do need water to grow and thrive. You should set your sprinkler system to water about an hour before sunrise. This way, it will augment the dew and provide your lawn with the water it needs.
  • Maintain your swimming pool pump. If your house is equipped with a swimming pool, it’s got a pump to help keep it clean. The pool pump is one device which uses even more water. So, it’s a good idea to maintain it or replace it, if necessary.

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