Gay Orlando: Defense Of Marriage Act Struck Down In Supreme Court

This is a monumental case and ruling by the Supreme Court that has Gay activists celebrating up and down the country. The Supreme Court has struck down part of the Defense of Marriage that prevents same-sex couples who are married in states where it is legal from applying for federal benefits. The vote was 5-4 and was announced on June 26th 2013.

The Defense Of Marriage Act was deemed unconstitutional as it deprives those same sex couples equal liberty that is bestowed by the Fifth Amendment. Originally introduced back in 1996 the Defense of Marriage Act has been supported by every President until now where President Obama, after careful consideration changed his mind and said that DOMA violated the rights of same sex couples. The lawsuit that came before the court was actually called “United States vs. Windsor, and was brought by Edith Windsor, who had to pay estate taxes when her legal, same-sex spouse passed away.

As said by Watermark Orlando:

“This case was not about whether there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. Instead, it is about whether Congress can treat married same-sex couples differently from married opposite-sex couples in federal laws and programs like Social Security benefits, immigration, and income taxes”

This is an exciting move toward full marriage equality, the next step is state by state introduction of same sex marriages! With some states already offering it already!

Here in Orlando we already have a forward thinking local government and local employers. We have the Orange County Domestic Partner Registry as well as the City of Orlando Domestic Partner Registry. We also have The Walt Disney Company and the Orange County Property Appraisers Office offering benefits to same sex domestic partners.

Go ahead and celebrate the striking down of DOMA and if you are in Orlando, enjoy our great Gay friendly city!

With Orlando being such a great place to live and having a very welcoming LGBT community and many friendly neighborhoods, the metro Orlando area is the perfect relocation destination. If you are considering relocating to Orlando and are looking for a beautiful property in the area contact Steve Glose for professional Orlando Real Estate advice.