Gay Orlando Living: Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida

Lake Eola
Courtesy of Cwolfsheep at en.wikipedia

Orlando is such a beautiful city! There is no question of that, in fact it’s slogan is “The City Beautiful!”

Orlando has so many different suburbs that make up part of the metro area, but even in the Downtown Orlando there is such diversity in communities and local community amenities.

One such part of Downtown Orlando which is immensely popular is Lake Eola Park. This beautiful spot just outside of the Central Business District is within walking distance of bars and restaurants and is a popular spot with dog walkers and those who enjoy picnicking.

It is a great place to also walk or run as the sidewalk that encircles the lake is .9 miles long making it a decent length for runners and allow them to easily calculate the distance they have run.

Lake Eola is also home to other activities available for visitors including renting Swan shaped paddle boats for the 23 acre lake, feeding real swans, enjoying a bite to eat at the Relax Grill, seeing a concert or a play at the beautiful Walt Disney Amphitheater, a great clamshell theater at the west side of the park on the shore of the lake. On the east side of the park is a Chinese pagoda, a Confederate States of America monument, and a playground. Of course, simply enjoying the flowers, foliage and sunset over the Downtown Orlando skyline is a great way to spend an evening.

The fountain at the center of the lake is a famous landmark for the park and the City of Orlando. It was struck by lightning back in 2009 and has been refurbished and revamped since then. It is now a focal point for firework celebrations on New Years eve. However, New Years aside, the fountain offers up a beautiful light display in the evenings thanks to its new lighting system installed during the renovation work.

Lake Eola is surrounded by some great condos, apartments as well as older homes in the popular gay friendly Thornton Park and Eola Heights neighborhoods. Living near Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando means that you can enjoy this beautiful park year round!

With Orlando being such a great place to live and having a very welcoming LGBT community and many friendly neighborhoods, the metro Orlando area is the perfect relocation destination. If you are considering relocating to Orlando and are looking for a beautiful property in the area contact Steve Glose for professional Orlando Real Estate advice.