Gay Orlando: Local Arts in Downtown Orlando – The Slice & CityArts Factory

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So, we all know that Orlando has an artsy side – which is loved by Orlando’s visiting and resident gay population!

The thriving Downtown Arts Scene is thanks in part to the Downtown Arts District. This is a nonprofit organization for advancing arts and economic development in the City of Orlando. This great organization was established way back in 2000 and is always putting on plenty of cultural events, funding arts projects, promoting Orlando’s arts scene and more! They encompass visual arts, literature as well as the performing arts including music, drama, film and dance! They even own a fantastic arts venue, the CityArts Factory, a 20,000 square foot facility where visual and performing arts co-exist in the heart of the Arts District. This fantastic venue is visited by more than 50,000 people annually too!

The CityArts Factory is more than just an art gallery, is home to no less than six independently operated art galleries, the Kiene/Quigley community gallery, and the Orlando Magic Classroom, which provides studio space for working artists in the area! Definitely take some time out and stop by to see what is going on!

The Downtown orlando Arts Districts Website – “The Slice” – promotes arts at the CityArts Factory and all across Downtown Orlando. This great online community showcases the best of what is going on in the Downtown Arts scene – Check it out here to see what is going on that might interest you!

Clearly Orlando’s great Arts scene is something not to be missed!

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