Same Sex Couple Adoption in Orlando

LGBT couples living in Orlando considering adopting a baby have a some options at their disposal. Of course, this isn’t at all like going to the local animal shelter and taking-in a rescue dog. In this jurisdiction, a same sex adoption is known as a “second parent adoption”, something different than their heterosexual counterparts, who enter into what’s called “stepparent adoption”. The difference really lies in the paperwork and the time and effort.

For example, stepparent adoptions are streamlining, with fewer forms, no requirement for a home study, and the process is relatively quick; quick, when put side-by-side with second parent adoptions.

Knowing What You’re Getting Into

Unlike heterosexual couples, there are a lot of preparatory and mandatory items you and your partner need to have done. For instance, life insurance, wills, et cetera. You’ll need to have your partner designatied as a health care surrogate, have a Durable Power of Attorney in place, a Declaration of a Pre-Need Guardian and of course, wills and living wills.

“Having or adopting a child changes everything. Those words really hit home when same-sex couples seek adoption in a mix of state and federal laws. With state laws varied on the matter and federal laws as yet unchanged, same-sex adoption is far from settled. In the meantime, same-sex couples need to define their “families” from the laws as they are. The Wall Street Journal recently provided some insight in an article titled ‘For Same-Sex Couples, the Finances Get Even More Complicated.’ Essentially, fundamental financial and estate planning is not optional for same-sex couples.” —Linda Solash-Reed, Attorney at Law and Certified Financial Planner

In addition, you’ll have to see a financial planner to get your finances in order and have a plan drawn-up. Sites like have a lot of helpful information on this and more topics. Basically, the state of Florida wants you to have all your proverbial ducks in order in order for you and your partner to get a judge to sign off on an adoption order.

Same Sex Couple Adoption Options

There are a few options for gay or lesbian people to adopt. One is the Florida Department of Children and Families or DCF, which will let single people to adopt, after a home study, but would rather to place a child in with a married couple. However, same sex couples cannot adopt jointly through DCF. Another avenue is to go through a private agency, which will also require a home study.

The cost of going through DCF will be the least expensive, but limited to just one person adopt. For private adoption, the average rate is about $5,000, however, that’s for the adoption. You and your parnter will also have to pay the biological mother’s medical fees and legal fees. Under the private agency adoption, the state of Florida requires each county to approve the adoption through a sanctioned agency. Once the agency has given its approval, it’s then sent off to a judge.

The judge presiding over the adoption will review the county agency’s evaluation and then either grant or deny the adoption application. Bottom line is same sex couples cannot adopt a child jointly, but one partner can, and the other can enter into a second parent adoption.