Small Home Selling Tips

Small home selling tips can really be helpful. When your competition is mostly larger properties, you’ll have to do a little more to get it to stand out. When you purchased your house, you did so because it offered all you needed. Now, you find yourself with the task of selling a small home. And, that’s no easy task. After all, buyers will certainly be looking at larger properties. Plus, if your tiny abode has any direct competition, that makes it an even bigger challenge. But, don’t despair, there is opportunity out there. You just have to market it the right way. Doing so will help you gain interest and sell it so you can move on with your life. Then, you can freely relocate, upgrade, or whatever you desire.

Why Selling a Small House Seems so Difficult

Okay, you expect that since your home is smaller than most, it’s going to present a super-sized challenge to sell it at all. While that notion isn’t totally without merit, it does go to a valid point. Sure, there are larger properties with more living and storage space. But, let’s take a look at the flip side. Your home is ideal for a starter house. It’s also not a huge energy hog. Plus, it’s much easier to customized precisely because it isn’t too large.

“If you’re looking at the undulating real estate scene and think you’re smaller-than-average-home has no shot, think again. Your house is the perfect fit for a lot of people. Anyone looking to save on utilities, taxes and yard work — from first-time buyers to baby boomers to the eco-minded — is going small. Plus, the idea of average is shrinking for a lot of people as those McMansions are proving too big and expensive for a lot of budgets.” —HGTV Frontdoor

The point being, you have to focus on the positives it offers. Remember, there are always budget-conscious buyers out there who are just waiting for an opportunity. Think about it this way, there are a pool of buyers who want a home of their own but don’t want to be burdened with a large monthly outlay. That’s right, you need to market it to that niche group of buyers and your efforts will pay off in the end.

Small Home Selling Tips

The real trick is to get your mindset right. Basically, you have to focus on what it does offer and not where it might fall a little short. If you take this approach, you’ll have more confidence and buyers will definitely pick up on that vibe. So, here are some helpful small home selling tips that you can use:

  • Improve the curb appeal. Did you know it only takes a person between 7 and 10 seconds to form an impression of a home? That’s right. And, the exterior is what they’ll see first, be it online or when pulling into the driveway. So, don’t waste this valuable opportunity. Make the curb appeal pop but keep it simple. It should make a good impression but not look like a total maintenance headache.
  • Extend the living space outside. One great trick for marketing a small home is to extend the living space from the interior out into the exterior. You can do this in a number of ways. Basically, the approach is to mimic the style and feel of the interior, bringing it outside. Remember, here in Orlando, there’s plenty of days where it’s wonderful to enjoy the weather.
  • Highlight its money-saving features. You should let it be well-known just how little the house costs to run from month-to-month. Those small utility bills and lower property taxes and insurances costs are all big time marketing opportunities.
  • Keep the interior home staging simple. Another way to help sell a small home is to stage it right. Bring in a pro, if you’re able. If not, reduce and rearrange the furniture for maximum traffic and visual appeal.

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