Ways to Create a Functional Home Office

Today, more and more people telecommute to work. With technology playing a vital role in our day-to-day lives, there’s simply no arguing a home office is more valuable than ever before. Whether you’re starting a business or working part-time, or, you just want an alternative environment, a home office is a great amenity. But, to be of good use, it’s got to offer a load of functionality. What’s more, it must be completely comfortable and serve other purposes, as well.

Pros and Cons of Have a Functional Home Office

Regardless how functional a home office is, there are still pros and cons to having such a dedicated space. The pros are simple. You have a dedicated working space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about commuting. You also can work at any time. But, that last one is also a downside. Because you can work at any time, it’s a temptation to do just that.

“Working from home is exciting because it offers an opportunity for real comfort and efficiency, but if the office is too casual, or isn’t effectively separated from the home environment, peak productivity may be lost. A distinction has to be made regarding the physical boundaries of this working space. The most effective way to do that is with the design of the space itself.” —Entrepreneur.com

Another con of having a home office is that it’s full of distractions (because it’s in your home). In other words, undone household chores can easily distract you. Also, you don’t feel like you’re at work. So, you might lose focus or daydream. Then, there’s the matter of other people in the house. While you might be very familiar and productive in your outside the home work environment, that changes when the office is in your own home.

Ways to Create a Functional Home Office

The key to creating a functional home office is to think about not just the day-to-day necessities, but also, the long-term. In other words, a home office might act as an impediment to resale. So, don’t make any permanent changes. In other words, don’t transform the room into an office that must be completely undone to serve as a guest room, media room, or hobby space. Here are the best tips for creating a functional home office that you can use:

  • Try to get a big desk. Don’t make the mistake of settling for a small desk. Even though most technologies have shrunk in size or are available through a laptop or desktop, you still need ample room. While a a medium or even small-sized desk might free-up more space, it’s just going to shortchange your productivity. Get a large desk and use smaller furniture pieces elsewhere.
  • Don’t forget about the view. Since you’ll have the option to work from home, you should make the most of it. That means giving yourself a great view. A scenic view is a great motivator and it allows you a simple way to escape and relax momentarily. Arrange the room so you have the best view possible and your productivity will improve greatly.
  • Buy a very comfortable chair. This is one area where you cannot compromise. If you buy a cheap, uncomfortable chair, it’s going to serve as a painful reminder. Go for a comfortable chair so you can enjoy your work time and not regret every moment you feel uncomfortable.
  • Install or buy plenty of lighting. You need ample light to work well. But, most residential rooms aren’t that big on lighting. So, be sure to install the light you need to see, particularly when the sun goes down. And, make preparations for times when you need a bit of shade, as well.

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