5 Common Annoying Home Buying Issues

Talk to any homeowner about their purchase experience and you’ll hear a paradoxical tale fraught with ups and downs. The fact of the matter is, home buying is a great experience but it is far from perfect. You’ll learn a whole lot through the process and probably come out all the wiser. For instance, you might have to get out of a self storage lease or go through hurdles to find the right insurance policy for coverage that best fits. What’s more, you’ll likely also experience some common annoying home buying issues.

5 Common Annoying Home Buying Issues

In the end, it will all be worthwhile. After all, it’s everyone’s dream to own a home. This is not only because it’s a tremendous asset but also because it comes with other substantial benefits. Among these are locking in your housing costs. You won’t have to worry about the monthly payment going up year after year. It will remain the same as you amortize the mortgage. Which is another benefit. You’ll gain equity in the home.

“Though there’s no such thing as a perfect house — every home, even newly constructed ones, will have some issue or another — the trick is to make sure the home is free of any major problems before signing the dotted line. Like when buying anything, purchasing a home is a financial transaction and should be treated as such. The most important tip for homebuyers is still to hire a trained, licensed and well-reviewed home inspector.” —AOL Finance

With more equity also comes property appreciation. Your house will be worth more as the years go by and as you pay down the home loan. All of this, not to mention the benefit of having more tax advantages. You’ll have additional tax write-offs come April 15th and that’s something everyone can truly appreciate. On top of all of this, you’ll be able to customize your home to your own liking, unlike renting. But, there are still problems you’ll probably find along the way. Here are five of the most common annoying home buying issues:

  • Actually seeing the home in-person. You’ve seen the listing online and gone through all the photos time and time again. It’s a great property from what you see on the internet. But, getting an appointment to see it in-person might prove difficult. There are sellers who act like they don’t want to let anyone inside. So, be prepared for this possibility.
  • Scratching together enough money. A down payment, earnest money deposit, inspections, closing costs, and moving expenses. That’s a lot but is isn’t all. You’ll find you’re taking out your wallet over and over again and that’s when you realize how important a budget is and how hard it is to stick with it. Create a realistic budget and factor in contingency costs.
  • Sellers leaving different items behind. It isn’t unusual for sellers to leave things behind. You might just find a stack of floor tiles, carpet remnants, paint cans, personal items, and much more. If you do encounter this, don’t panic. Just work it out calmly and don’t let it be a killjoy.
  • Post-purchase realizations. You’ve seen the images online dozens of times and been through the house personally on more than one occasion. Everything seemed to be just right but once you move in, things might change. It’s at this time you’ll begin to notice little things here and there. Don’t worry, no house is perfect and you can always fix or change what’s needed.
  • Learning how to work this and that. You’ve been to a hotel, bed and breakfast, friend, or family member’s house and baffled by how to work this or that. Well, you’ll probably relive that experience more than once after you move into a new house. Enjoy the learning curve and take it all in stride.

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