When it comes to selling your home there are often many question a seller has.

  • What is my home worth?
  • What are the costs associated with selling my home?
  • How long does the process take from contract to close?
  • Do I need a Real Estate agent?

These are all important questions and ones that can affect you in the decision process of selling your home.

The first thing you should know is that every housing market is different, so having any preconceptions about your local market without the professional assistance of a Realtor may be inaccurate. A Realtor can provide you with an accurate assessment of your homes current value and explain the market conditions that affect your home’s current value.  By using a Realtor, you have someone on your side that can walk you through the selling process step by step and explain what each step is and how it can affect you. A Realtor can break down the cost associated with selling your home so there are no hidden surprises at the time of closing.  By using a Realtor to sell your home you have someone who not only understands your lifestyle but can explain your rights and help keep you out of legal issues related in a Real Estate transaction.

In today’s challenging real estate market selling a home can sometimes be a complex undertaking, by hiring a Realtor you have a professional who understands that selling your home is not just a financial decision, but one that can be emotionally difficult for both parties. Contact me today for professional real estate advice from a gay Realtor who understands your specific needs when it comes to listing your home for sale.