Choosing New Household Appliances

Choosing new household appliances is a necessary evil when during a home remodeling project. Homeowners already face many inconveniences during a home remodel as it is a disruptive and expensive process. And choosing new household appliances only drives up the total cost. But replacing these fixtures often produces a significant return on investment, which is one of the biggest benefits of home remodeling.

Choosing new household appliances means having to select just one among dozens and dozens. To narrow down the task, it’s best to do your homework and make an informed decision.

About Choosing New Household Appliances

There’s a difference in new, new-to-you, scratch-and-dent and model phase-outs when choosing appliances. Each has its pros and cons. New is great for warranty but aren’t immune from recall or being a lemon. New-to-you or gently used are broken in but might have a bit too much mileage. Scratch-and-dent are certainly money savers, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a matching set for the entire space. And phase-out models are also big money savers but parts won’t be readily available in the future.

Choosing New Household Appliances Step-By-Step

Of course, everyone wants to save money when choosing new household appliances. And with constant retail sales promotions, there’s no shortage of opportunity to save. That helps because price is no longer a huge barrier. What remains are other factors when choosing new household appliances:

  • Reuse Rather than Replace. Okay, so the money thing isn’t completely settled. Sure, there’s always a store-wide sale going on somewhere. But if you’ve recently updated, you can simply work those appliances into the remodeled space. What’s more, a bit of elbow grease can give new life to appliances. However, this option only works if the functionality, style and finish are up-to-date enough to pass the “modern look” test. So, if your remodel embraces a vintage look and feel, you’ll be right back to choosing new household appliances.
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once. You’ve heard the old carpenter’s rule. And it’s especially important in choosing new household appliances for a remodel. Make sure you know the exact dimensions and do yourself a huge favor by leaving a smidgen to play with–you can always fill tiny gaps but cutting out more space might not be realistic.
  • Balance Size with Load. While size will matter, what matters more is more than just outside dimensions. There’s also the question of load. Sure, it may fit in the space but is it too small to work for your household? In other words, will you be able to stuff enough food inside the refrigerator or is the washer dryer set big enough to accommodate laundry or the oven large enough to cook the size of meals you need to prepare?
  • Think About Waste. Not in space, but in energy. The Environmental Protection Agency has an appliance guide for consumers to consult when choosing new household appliances that use energy wisely.
  • Stay Sensible. When choosing new household appliances, try to keep them modern but mainstream–especially if selling your home in the future. Going bold might be your thing but could be a deal-breaker for potential buyers.

If you’re ready to undertake a remodeling project, then search our database for a qualified, fully-vetted contractor. After all, it can’t hurt to get the advice of an experienced professional before choosing new household appliances.