Gay Orlando Arts & Culture: Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival

While writing about Orlando being named the 2nd Gayest City in the country by the Advocate I mentioned that one of the reasons it moved up the ranks was due to its International Fringe Festival. Well I decided that there is no better time to explain what it is to those who aren’t in the know or those who are new to the Orlando area.

Before I say anything else, there is often a question that many people want to ask: what is The Fringe? Well, it is a 13 day festival that offers accessible theatre, music, dance, art and more! 100% of the ticket sales go directly to the artists within the Fringe. The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival (follow them on Twitter!) was created in 1992 and follows the tradition of the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland that started back in 1947. Since then many Fringe Festivals have sprung up around the world!

Orlando’s Fringe aims to provide an accessible, affordable outlet that draws diverse elements of the community together and inspires creative excellence through the arts. Orlando’s Fringe is the longest running US Fringe festival. The Fringe is based at the the great arts area that is Loch Haven park and uses the facilities of the Orlando REP and the The Lowndes Shakespeare Center.

This year the Fringe is scheduled for May 16th – 28th 2012. There is limited free parking, food and drink are available on site and it is a great way to enjoy local artists in a fun setting for an afternoon.

The Fringe festival is supported by many in the Orlando gay community and is very gay friendly.

The Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival is just one great community even that occurs annually in Orlando that is popular with the gay community. The Orlando metro area offers a high quality of life to its LGBT residents.

With Orlando being such a great place to live and having a very welcoming LGBT community and many friendly neighborhoods, the metro Orlando area is the perfect relocation destination. If you are considering relocating to Orlando and are looking for a beautiful property in the area contact Steve Glose for professional Orlando Real Estate advice.