Gay Orlando: Out and About Radio & More – Orlando’s LGBT Radio

Orlando has such a diverse population that naturally there is a huge choice when it comes to what is on the radio dial!

We are lucky here in Orlando to have numerous local celebrities and radio personalities who are part of the LGBT community, but on top of that we also have great LGBT Local Radio!

Out and About Radio is one such example, broadcast on AM 810 on Saturdays from 3pm to 5pm featuring local information, guest interviews, music and some gossip! Out and About is hosted Paul Karle, Whitney Hogan & Randy Stephens and is definitely a great show to tune in to! On top of that 810AM has said that Out N About is the station’s top weekend show…so clearly Orlando listeners love it too!

But, Out and About isn’t the only Orlando LGBT Radio Option – asides from numerous Podcasts and mainstream Internet Radio there is also the ever popular Radioshow on 91.5fm called: “OUTLOUD ORLANDO: The Homo Happy Hour” a popular lighthearted talk and entertainment radio show with a fun cast of characters and guests that is live on air Tuesday’s at 4pm. It is hoested by “Justice” and is the home to fun talk radio when it comes to live, people, the news and as they call it “utter stupidity!”. Definitely check it out.

Clearly Orlando has it covered when it comes to LGBT talk on the airwaves!

With Orlando being such a great place to live and having a very welcoming LGBT community and many friendly neighborhoods, the metro Orlando area is the perfect relocation destination. If you are considering relocating to Orlando and are looking for a beautiful property in the area contact Steve Glose for professional Orlando Real Estate advice.