Gay Orlando: Parliament House Celebrates it’s 37th Birthday!

Well, it’s an axciting time this month with the landmark Gay resort and entertainment complex “Parliament House” celebrating it’s 37th birthday!

Many can’t believe that the massive resort and entertainment complex that put Orlando on the gay destination map – it even calls itself “A Gay Landmark”! Dubbed by many as the largest gay entertainment and resort complex in the world, Parliament House is loved by thousands of gay Orlando residents and attracts many more thousand from across the country and around the world who come and stay and enjoy the party!

Parliament House kicked off it’s celebration with the Footlight Players Reunion Show at the Footlight Theater within the complex which has a cast of special stars who have been regular performers over the years at the P. There was also a fun event where Parliament House’s employees take the stage for charity and will be a proper anniversary celebration at the end of the month with a themed event and a costume contest.

With Parliament House Celebrating it’s 37th birthday it definitely shows that Orlando has a mature gay community that comprises of members young and old who like to party.

Orlando definitely prides itself on its top ranked gay party destinations like Parliament House, so if you are a visitor who travels to Orlando to enjoy such venues, why not make the move here?

With Orlando being such a great place to live and having a very welcoming LGBT community and many friendly neighborhoods, the metro Orlando area is the perfect relocation destination. If you are considering relocating to Orlando and are looking for a beautiful property in the area contact Steve Glose for professional Orlando Real Estate advice.