How to Make Holiday Guests Feel at Home

The holidays are definitely a busy and stressful time. You’ve got to get your work done with less time and have to get your shopping done before Christmas arrives. What’s more, you’ve got little kitchen improvements to finish and guests coming over and into town, so, you’ll also have to play host. That puts more pressure on you and you just don’t know how you’re going to make it all work. All of this, not to mention the fact the stores are crowded and you don’t really have the slightest clue what to serve. Worse yet, is when you know and also know it’s going to take a lot of prep work to get it to turn out right.

How to Make Holiday Guests Feel at Home

While you might be able to pull it all together, you’re probably still fretting about making your guests feel at home. You not only want them to feel welcome, but like their staying at a home away from home and definitely not feel as though they are imposing or intruding. While you don’t have to cater to every whim and need, you do want to provide them with some simple conveniences and delights.

“It may seem like a challenge to make your guests feel at home, but the key is a little hospitality, a welcoming persona, and if you want, a few extra touches here and there to make your guests feel special.” —Southern Living

You’re guests are probably not expecting too much, other than a place to stay for a short time, but, you can really wow them and make them feel at home. The good news is, it won’t cost you very much at all and it will be greatly appreciated. Here are some helpful tips on being a good host and how to make holiday guests feel at home:

  • Provide necessities. There are several things you can provide to make them feel comfortable. Go into your guest room and through the closet. Make sure there are enough pillows, extra blankets, soaps, shampoo, combs and brushes, mouthwash, bottled water, plenty of towels, a luggage rack, and place to put their wallet, purse, jewelry, along with a charger. Think about what you would take on a trip and those are the things to provide.
  • Make the room welcoming. A vase of fresh flowers, plenty throw pillows, scented candles and matches, a throw, even a comfortable bathrobe and slippers. Basically, what you’d find in any spa you visit.
  • Let them connect and come and go. A great way to make guests feel at home is to let them in on various house secrets, like how long it takes the water to warm up for showering, where you keep this and that, the WiFi login information to your home network, and a house key so they can come and go as they please.
  • Be considerate of their routine. While you might be a morning person or a night person, they might be the opposite. If you like to wake early, don’t set your alarm to blare and if you like to stay up late, keep the music or television sound down.
  • Let them pitch-in a helping hand. Guests will probably ask if they can help with prepping meals and/or cleaning up after. These are great times to have a conversation and it lets them contribute, plus, you need the help, anyway.

On the day of their departure, consider going out a bit early and getting donuts, pastries, and coffee. These make for a quick meal and will be much appreciated by your guests.