Little Home Improvements with Big Impacts

There’s nothing like loving your home and for so many, that’s something of an aspiration, but too often becomes the stuff of dreams that we’ll get-to, that is, someday. Trouble is, that day never seems to come, it somehow transforms into an unrealized dream. Sure, we all make plans to do this and that, and, actually get a small portion of our to-do list done. Still, it still falls short of what we’d like to do most of all, so, we make excuses–the most common of which are time and money.

The two commodities we all seem to have too little: time and money. Fortunately, neither have to be barriers to transform a home from ordinary to something special. One of the biggest trade secrets of pros is doing more with what’s already available, and, to make small improvements that have a huge impact.

Little Home Improvements with Big Impact

Think about a new construction model home and its many elements. It seems as though everything is perfect, but, when it comes down to reality, all those elements are things you can do in your own home. You can remake it to be just as impressive, all you need is a little bit of can-do spirit, some elbow grease, and a sprinkle of imagination.

“You don’t need to spend a fortune or call in the pros to get high-end results on your next redo project. Can-do homeowners give a plain home curb appeal, transform a lackluster living room with new trim and paint, carve out a stylish and space-saving breakfast nook, and more—all on a shoestring. —This Old

Your home can be a comfortable, welcoming, and wonderful environment. Here are some ways to turn little home improvements into big impact items that will inspire you:

  • Install crown molding and brush on fresh, neutral paint. For not much money, but still deliver a big bang for the buck, crown molding and new interior paint are two great improvements that don’t require advanced carpentry and contracting skills. What these deliver in aesthetics is nothing short of spectacular.
  • Create a cute breakfast nook. You might not have considered this before, or perhaps, given it brief thought, but haven’t yet tried. If you put on your creative thinking cap, you could probably carve-out a space for a small table for an easy kitchen update. By the way, this is something that 85 percent of all home buyers put high on their most wanted lists.
  • Spruce-up the curb appeal. You see this bit of advice time and again, and, that’s for good reason. Improving curb appeal doesn’t cost much whatsoever, and, it’s the first thing people see, and, form an impression about. A bit of mulch spread around the mailbox, around trees, and inside planters really deliver a lot of pop. In addition, a few colorful flowers strategically placed do a lot to improve curb appeal.
  • Change out that old hardware for a new style. If you’re tired of your old kitchen cabinets, you can opt to paint them, and, change out the hardware. New hinges, pulls, and knobs do much to remake a kitchen, and, at very little expense.
  • Replace light fixtures to match. One problem that is present in many homes are mismatched light fixtures. These don’t have to be extravagant or expensive, just simple. You’ll be surprised by how much new light fixtures do to transform a room.

Another way to make your home look, and feel, great is to work with what you have, or more particularly, what you’ve covered-up. Floor space is quite valuable and it significantly adds to aesthetics as well as visual flow. So, pair down on the furniture to create an improved sense of space.