Should Sellers Stay during Buyer Agent Home Showings?

Once you have a pre-listing inspection conducted and know what repairs to make before putting your property on the market, you’ll be one step closer to the showing phase. Unfortunately, sellers often have mixed emotions about the process, particularly when it comes to open houses and home showings. These are “obvious” times to be present to answer any questions from potential buyers; or are they? The question really is, “Should sellers stay during a buyer agent home showings?” The ultimate answer might surprise you.

Should Sellers Stay during Buyer Agent Home Showings?

The fact of the matter is, selling a residential property isn’t all science. Sure, there are facts and statistics and proven marketing strategies. For instance, it takes the average person just 7 to 10 seconds to form an impression of a house the first time they see it. If you think about that, you’ll quickly realize their first interaction is with the exterior, making curb appeal a vital component to a positive impression. That’s why curb appeal is emphasized so much by real estate professionals and home stagers alike.

If you as a seller feel that you are simply bursting at the seams to blurt all to strangers about your home, save it for your listing agent. Your agent needs to know about the defects as well as the upgrades and special features. The reason you probably decided to hire a real estate agent to sell your home is because you expect to rely on your agent’s specialized knowledge to advise, market, advertise and produce a buyer. —The

Of course, the entire goal of selling a home lies in making the best impression on buyers to motivate them into making offers. To that end, you need to be pragmatic and stick with a smart plan. Think about it this way, if you were selling a rental home with tenants, you’d probably prefer they not be there during home showings. Even though it’s your own primary residence, the principle remains the same. Here are some of the biggest reasons you shouldn’t stay during a buyer’s agent home showing:

  • Buyers really treasure privacy. Imagine you are a buyer touring a house with your agent and the seller is right there, every step of the way. Even if the sellers stays out-of-sight, you probably wouldn’t be completely comfortable openly discussing the property’s various pros and cons. This is one reason sellers shouldn’t stay during showings because buyers treasure privacy.
  • Buyers want freedom to look around. Let’s take the wear the buyer’s shoes a step further in thinking about this scenario. You as a buyer will look into closets, open cabinets, check out the appliances, and basically kick the proverbial tires. If the seller was present, you would be much more reserved and then leave the property wondering about this and that. This uncertainty isn’t something you want buyers to feel.
  • Buyers will feel they’re inconveniencing you. Another factor to consider is how the buyer would likely feel if you were in the house during a showing. Here again, by walking in their shoes, you’d probably rush through the home because you’d feel as though you are inconveniencing the seller. Don’t put that pressure on buyers because you do not want them to rush through the house.
  • You could make counterproductive statements. It’s not necessary foot-in-the-mouth syndrome that always derails possible purchase offers from coming in, it’s also buyer perception. For instance, you completely gutted the kitchen and baths, doing all the work. While you’re proud of the results, buyers will wonder about the quality because it wasn’t done by an experienced contractor.
  • Selling your home will make you emotional. Make no mistake about it, you will get emotional from time to time during the selling process. Showings are prime opportunities to become emotional (good or bad) and turn off otherwise interested buyers.

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