UCF Student Government Association Approves New Pride Coalition

What with UCF having its new LGBT services department called “Q Lab” which I wrote about before:

UCF has a new LGBT services department, and is launching a new initiative called Q Lab. Which is to be a monthly forum for faculty, staff and students is to share LGBT related research and projects. From 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month, Q Lab will feature two formal presentations followed by a question and answer session. The aim is to create a safe space where LGBT persons can express and discuss their opinions and get help. There are structured formal sessions and less formal gatherings too. Learn more more about services at Ucf.edu/lgbtq.”

Now the UCF Student Government Association (SGA) last month passed a bill to create a new Student Government affiliated agency that is dedicated to LGBTQ+ programming, education and advocacy called the Pride Coalition.

This is the first LGBTQ organization in UCF’s 50 year history that functions as part of the Student Government Association with Agency status. This means that it can receive direct funding from the University’s Activity & Service fee budget with a full time staff that will be dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues at UCF.

UCF’s Gay Friendly nature has been seen in the past with the first official organization at the University – the Gay Student Association – being founded in 1976, it is now known as “Equal” and focuses on LGBT social programming. Also, in the Spring of 2013, the UCF Student Union, the Student Government Association with the Pride Coalition and LGBTQ Services plan to open a new communal space for LGBT students and their allies in the Ferrell Commons.

This all goes to show that UCF is definitely a Gay friendly University. So students who are young or old in Orlando can definitely study there, safe in the knowledge that their interests are looked after!

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