Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is nearly officially upon us and here in the Orlando area.While you can make certain home improvements to cool off and reduce your energy costs during the summer months, these can be quite costly. Though these often do bring a decent to impressive return on investment, it’s the initial cost that make them undesirable for many homeowners. This doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile but there are other life hack tricks that you can use to stay cool. There’s little else that’s more annoying than having to brave the heat precisely because it’s so uncomfortable.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Through the years, various products have been introduced which are designed and deliver quite a bit of energy efficiency. Some of these even come with buyer incentives, such as rebates, as well as other perks, like tax breaks. For instance, a new water heater will deliver hot water in a short amount of time and many come with rebates. In addition, insulation is another great upgrade that you can make to help make your home more comfortable–not only during the summer months, but also, during those cold winter months.

“Sure, it feels great to have your air conditioning running constantly to keep your house cool, but it utterly drains your wallet. If you’re smart, however, you can avoid running your air conditioner 24/7. Take advantage of several tactics for beating the summer heat without watching your energy meter spin out of control.” —U.S. News World Report.com

Installing new vinyl or wood windows with low-E double panes is also an option. These reduce the amount of heat the transfers from the outside into your home while looking great. You can also replace your HVAC system, or, part of it, to help increase energy efficiency. All of these and more, though, will come with substantial expense. What’s more, if you already have an energy efficient home, but want to be more comfortable, you can do so without having to go through all the trouble.

Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

While your home might be pretty energy efficient, you can still feel uncomfortable inside. Most people begin to break a sweat at 78 degrees, and, when daytime highs reach into the upper seventies and lower eighties, or even higher, you are likely to perspire. Here are some clever ways to beat the summer heat:

  • Close the windows. When the outside air reaches into the upper seventies, starting at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be much warmer inside your home. The incoming flow of air might bring a bit of a breeze, but that will be accompanied by heat, and, humidity. It’s best to shut the windows and turn on the air conditioner and/or fans.
  • Run ceiling fans. You might have heard ceiling fans cool people, not rooms. That’s largely true and you can keep cool under a spinning ceiling fan. What’s more, these allow you to run the air conditioner at a higher temperature when it’s needed.
  • Cook outside. Stoves generate a lot of heat, so, instead of cooking inside, grill out. You’ll enjoy the fun of cooking on the grill and can even have dinner outside cooler nights. Plus, you’ll have more room inside, if you are entertaining guests. Besides, major appliances use a lot of energy.
  • Turn on the bathroom fan. Whenever you shower, turn on the bathroom fan. This helps to draw warm air and moisture out, making it more pleasant. It’s also a great way to combat mold, which thrives on moisture.
  • Air dry dishes. Instead of letting your dishwasher go through the dry cycle, just clean them and then put them on a counter rack to dry to minimize heat. Another way to keep your home a bit more cool is to do the same thing with your clothes as the dishes. Instead of throwing them into the dryer, hang them outside.

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