Ways to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Even in a seller’s market, some homes will stay listed for sale longer than others. It could be due to location, nearby developments, or the home itself. Since you’re unable to change your property’s location and can’t do anything about what’s surrounding it, you’ll have to make it stand out in other ways. Now, if you are in a great location, that’s even better, but it doesn’t give you a pass. Remember, there’s quite a bit of competition and with new construction popping-up everywhere, it’s important to best the others with wow factor.

Ways to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Some homeowners rely almost solely on a completed home improvement, such as a kitchen remodel. While this is certainly a great selling feature, if the rest of the home is a decade or more behind, the contrast will be too stark to go unnoticed. Little changes have can a tremendous impact on practically any room. For instance, a deep clean, complete with a new towel rack, floor rug, de-cluttered counters, and some new towels in the bathroom will deliver quite a lot.

“Even though you may think your home is superior to other properties in the area, it’s important to take a neutral, unattached approach to pricing your home. That means disregarding that the house next-door is selling for more even though you have a nicer porch and a better view; or overlooking the money, time and sweat you put into remodeling your kitchen. A home sale may not translate dollar for dollar.”–AOL Real Estate

It’s also helpful to tie rooms together with a common theme, so the home doesn’t appear to be a mismatch of this and that. Enlisting the help of an experienced real estate professional will also be a huge bonus. One advantage, is bringing an extensive network to the equation. Here are some other ways to sell your home for top dollar:

  • Decluttered every room, including the garage. You’ll see this advice again and again — simply because it can’t be understated. Buyers love space and will put it high on their must-have lists. Make your property more attractive by power purging.
  • Paint with a purpose. A new coat of neutral, warm interior paint will do wonders. It’s cohesive and makes the home more attractive. If you do have wallpaper anywhere, do yourself a huge favor and rip it out, then brush on a coat of paint. While buyers might be able to look past it, they’ll still prefer to forgo this project.
  • Fix anything and everything. Remember: small things can have a big impact. For example, you see a home that’s got a terrific en-suite, but the toilet leaks. Chances are excellent that will a big time turn-off. What’s more, you’ll likely wonder why it’s not fixed, and what else is broken?
  • Step-up the curb appeal. You might have heard that people form an impression about a home within 7 to 10 seconds of seeing it. Seeing it’s the front lawn that’s gets first glance, it should deliver something welcoming. A serious entryway cleaning, some strategically spread mulch, and a few colorful flowering plants will do the trick nicely.
  • Remove any and all personal touches. Here’s another bit of advice that bears repeating. Buyers just aren’t interested in your life. What they want is a combination of move-in ready and room to make small, custom changes.

In addition to this, you can stain or paint kitchen cabinets to give them a new look. Take it one step further and replace the hardware for the biggest impact. This is a simple process and a huge improvement that comes at a fraction of the cost of even a minor kitchen remodel.